Welcome to The Office of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Rockford

Welcome to The Office of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Rockford What does Catholic Cemeteries offer?

Sometimes people will ask us that question. When they do, we struggle to find the right words to offer as a response. Words that will describe not just the products we offer, the graves that we care for, the burial of the deceased, or the overall grounds that we try to improve, because there is so much more in our offering.

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“Eternity is born in time, and every time someone dies whom we have loved dearly, Eternity can break into our mortal existence a little bit more.” – Henri Nouwen

2016 Calvary/Winnebago Mass Schedule

Updated August, 2016
Aug 6 Sep 3 Oct 1 Nov 5 Dec 3

2016 decorations available

Posted February 2, 2016

Grave, Crypt & Niche decorations for 2016 are now available for order through our store.


Please check out our offerings for 2016. We offer many choices: you can purchase the 2016 package, which includes the four seasons placement: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season is placed on the grave of your loved one by our staff, replacing the previous bouquet. Or, you can choose a bouquet for the growing season—and we will place it in the spring, or the date you request. We will have additional winter decorations available in the fall.

PLEASE REMEMBER if you want your winter decorations, please remove them before March 1st. Unless we have some severe weather, we will clean up the cemeteries beginning March 1st through March 15th. Easter is March 27th this year, and we plan on getting our spring decorations on the graves beginning March 21st.

Jubilee Year of Mercy

Posted February 2, 2016

During this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we invite all of you to come visit our cemeteries.

Visiting a cemetery is a corporal work of mercy. Praying for the dead is a spiritual work of mercy. For more information on the Year of Mercy and how the Diocese of Rockford is inviting all of us to participate, I invite you totake a tour of the website: http://rockforddiocese.org/jubileeofmercy/

Cemetery App Available

Posted October 27, 2015

We have an app available on iOS and Android. Use the app to search the records of those interred or entombed at Calvary Cemetery in Winnebago, IL, with GPS Navigation functionality.

Updates to add additional cemetery locations are under development.

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