2017 Grave Decorations
When checking out, please be sure to specify the name of deceased and cemetery location.

Remember: Vases are not included, and you must have an approved vase for your flowers. Bedding Boxes do not require a vase. Thank you.

2017 Package $154.95
(placed on graves at the beginning of each season)
  • 2017-GRAVEPACKAGE-SPRING Spring blooms fill your vase: multi-colored lilacs, red tulips, yellow daffodils will welcome the season!
  • 2017-GRAVEPACKAGE-SUMMER Here comes summer! Red poppies, white daisies, blue cornflowers are blooming – with red geraniums adding their summer touch. Complete with large American flag.
  • 2017-GRAVEPACKAGE-FALL Cool fall nights will bloom bright with gold and orange mums, cattails and fall grasses.
  • 2017-GRAVEPACKAGE-CHRISTMAS Our tartan bow reappears on our 2017 silk wreath, with silver bells and drums, gold bells and drums, red poinsettias edged in gold, and red ornament, drum with gold leaves, on a 36″ easel.
Price: $154.95
Or… Choose an individual bouquet for the grave…
  • 2017-11 Daffodils and jonquils bring spring to your cemetery vase. 2017-05 $24.99
    Daffodils & Jonquils
  • 2017-11 Sunflowers, hydrangeas, cosmos & greens. 2017-06 $32.99
    Sunflowers, hydrangeas, cosmos
  • 2017-11 Yellow mums, blue, pink, purple, yellow daisies and grasses. 2017-07 $24.99
    Yellow mums, and mixed daisies
  • 2017-11 This year’s bedding box features Peonies, Orchids, clematis, and greens. 2017-08 $54.99
    Bedding Box, Peonies, Orchids, etc.
  • 2017-11 Red poppies, blue cornflowers, & white daisies with American flag. 2017-09 $24.99
    Red Poppies, blue cornfl, daisies
  • 2017-11 Red & White Roses say “I love you!” 2017-10 $32.99
    Red & White Roses
  • 2017-11 For fall, Orange sunflowers, fall leaves, berries and leaves. 2017-11 $32.99
    Sunflowers & fall foliage
2017 Crypt & Niche Decorations

Vases are not included! If you need a crypt or niche vase, please call the cemetery and order one.

2017 Crypt Package $59.95
(placed for Spring, Summer, and Christmas)
  • 2017-CRYPTPACKAGE1 Spring is in full bloom with Easter Lilies, purple Alstroemeria, vine & greens.
  • 2017-CRYPTPACKAGE2 Red roses, marigolds, & violets, with greens and vines bring summer to your Crypt vase.
  • 2017-CRYPTPACKAGE3 1 white rose and red roses surround the angel that watches over your crypt vase this Christmas season.
2017 Niche Package $49.95
(placed for Spring, Summer, and Christmas)
  • 2017-NICHEPACKAGE1 Easter lilies and purple Alstroemeria fill your Niche vase for Spring.
  • 2017-NICHEPACKAGE2 Red Rose, marigolds, and violets bloom all summer in your Niche vase.
  • 2017-NICHEPACKAGE3 The Christmas Angel is surrounded with red roses pine cones, and vines.
2017 Niche Package $49.95


Catholic Cemeteries — Diocese of Rockford
Calvary Cemetery, St. Mary/St. James Cemetery, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery, Mt. Hope Cemetery