Preneed FAQ

Preneed FAQ

1. What are the advantages of buying burial space in my Catholic cemetery before my family needs it?

There are several advantages. By purchasing cemetery property before it is needed, you have the opportunity of making an important and inevitable decision together, with your family, without haste or strain, resulting in a more careful selection and a wiser expenditure of money. Your payments may be made monthly out of current income, without depleting savings or insurance benefits at time of death.

Furthermore, cemetery property is subject to the same inflationary spiral as other property. By purchasing your property today, you do so at today’s prices rather than tomorrow’s escalated price.

By providing the necessities (will, life insurance, cemetery property, etc.) You relieve yourself, and your family and friends of many unnecessary emotional and financial problems.

2. Should I buy space for our whole family?

The needs of the family will determine how many spaces should be obtained. Generally, husband and wife will arrange for two grave spaces. Children grow up and leave home, perhaps move away from the area; they will make their own arrangements in due time. However, additional spaces should be obtained if there are living parents in need of cemetery property. Sometimes, adult members of the same family, whether married or single, are interested in obtaining adjoining lots to form a family grouping.

3. Will the cemetery space I buy be looked after in the future?

Various civil jurisdictions have enacted laws to insure that cemeteries will be adequately maintained now and in the future. Your Catholic cemetery observes these civil law requirements concerning endowment care and the purchase agreement contains a clause to this effect.

4. If I move to a different address is it necessary to notify the cemetery where I have property, of the change in my address?

By all means. Cemeteries need to keep up-to-date lists of their lot owners.

5. Can my spouse, who is not a Catholic, be interred in our Catholic cemetery?

Yes. Arrangements may now be made for the interment of non-Catholic members of the immediate family alongside the Catholic members.