Welcome to The Office of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Rockford

Welcome to The Office of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Rockford

What does Catholic Cemeteries offer?

Sometimes people will ask us that question. When they do, we struggle to find the right words to offer as a response. Words that will describe not just the products we offer, the graves that we care for, the burial of the deceased, or the overall grounds that we try to improve, because there is so much more in our offering.

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“Eternity is born in time, and every time someone dies whom we have loved dearly, Eternity can break into our mortal existence a little bit more.” – Henri Nouwen

Updated Cemetery App Now Available

Posted January 9, 2020

We have an updated app available. Download the app and search the records of the cemetery. Each person has their own memorial page where visitors can share memories, stories, photos and videos that will build an interactive timeline of their loved one’s life.

Online Map Available

Posted May, 2019

We have new searchable maps of Mt Hope and Calvary Cemetery available online to help locate your loved ones. Search by first, middle, or last name, year of birth, or year of death.

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2019 Flower Decorations

Posted March, 2019

Our 2019 flower decorations are now available. Click here to purchase online. We encourage you to order early – we will substitute items if we are sold out of the item you ordered.

Newsletter Update – Issue 36

Posted March, 2019

Easter is late this year: April 21st. So our spring flowers will be put on the graves the week of April 8th. IF YOU HAVE WINTER DECORATIONS, please remove them before March 4th, when we will begin our Spring Cleanup. Cleanup takes 2 weeks – so please do not put your spring flowers out until March 15th. We appreciate your help with this. Summer flowers will be placed beginning May 20th, the week before Memorial Day. Autumn flowers will be placed beginning Sep. 3rd, and remain until November 4th, which is when we will do our big Fall Cleanup. Christmas wreaths will be placed beginning November 18th, and again we request that you do not begin placing your Christmas Decorations until that date.

Just a reminder that Bishop Malloy will celebrate Mass on Memorial Day, May 27th, at 9:00 am. This is the day we remember all those who have died in the service of our country. A tent is erected behind the mausoleum, so we have lots of room – please come and celebrate with us. Donuts and coffee are offered at the end of the Mass.

Mt. Hope has mass at 9:00 am on Memorial Day, weather permitting; Resurrection has mass at 8:00 am, weather permitting, and Mt. Olivet has mass at 10:00 am, weather permitting. Please come…

Also, a reminder that we now offer burial of cremated remains at St. Mary/St. James in Rockford and encourage you to bring any cremated human remains for burial. The cost to bury them in the columbarium community area at St. Mary/St. James is $150.00, plus $100.00 for the “velvet pillow” in which the cremated human remains are placed. Memorialization is available for an additional cost.

Director’s Message

Posted March, 2019

Dear friends,

What a winter we are having this year! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely awaiting Spring with impatience. So glad the groundhog did NOT see his shadow.

Easter this year is late – April 21st. Which means we will place the Spring flowers 2 weeks before Easter, beginning on April 2nd. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then. Remember that you need a vase in order to purchase the grave bouquets. If you do not have a vase, you can purchase them at our offices, or you can purchase the flower box of 2019, which will remain on the grave until the fall cleanup.

Spring cleanup will be Mar 1st through the 15th, so please do not bring your flower decorations out until then. They could be removed with the winter decorations.

Have you noticed that with the weather continually adding stress to our daily activities, whether it is driving, keeping appointments, or just trying to get out of the house (which is becoming almost impossible for many of us!) many people are getting more demanding, crabbier, and lack understanding? As I gaze out the window on this snowy day, I am reminded how beautiful winter can be, if I allow myself to take a deep breath and just enjoy the beauty of the trees, the bushes, the snow-covered yard. I take a moment to say thank you to God for the warm house I live in, the food I have to eat, and the ability to talk with loved ones that because of the weather, I cannot otherwise share stories.

It is so easy for me to feel put out, and angry at the weather (and God); but if I just breathe, I can realize that spring is close – only a month or so from now we will see daffodils, crocus, and the other early spring flowers blooming new life. The message I hear is “fear not, for I am here.”

My prayer for you is that the pictures of flowers chosen for this year’s package, and the others we offer for summer will remind you also to hope for spring.

In His Peace,

Carol K. Giambalvo MA, CCCE, FAAGC
Director of Cemeteries
Diocese of Rockford


Posted October, 2016

As part of the ministry of Catholic Cemeteries, we are offering to any person who has the cremated remains of a loved one, and who cannot afford the cost of burying their loved one in a Catholic Cemetery, a communal space in the columbarium shown below.

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Columbarium image 1 Columbarium image 2